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The Paperless Office is a Contact Database integrated with a full scaning solution. In the contact section, you can enter family and friends as well as companies you do business with (or pay bills to), websites and many other things you might want to store user names and passwords for. You can run reports based on the type of contact, which makes printing out mailing labels for those holiday cards a snap!

Each contact also has a scanning section, so as you scan documents into the Paperless Office, they are being assigned directly to a specific Contact. Scanning documents doesn't take any more time that it does to sort them in a filing cabinet, but retrieving them is light years faster. All you have to do is click on a few buttons, and the document you want is right in front of you; without you ever having to leave your desk. This kind of efficiency and space-saving ability is invaluable.

Another benefit of the Paperless Office is the ability to have a digital backup of your documents. Should disaster strike, and destroy your important documents, Paperless Office will be there with a copy.
The Home version is perfect for personal use, as well as small business. For businesses with larger scanning needs, or for use on a network, please see our Pro version.

By clicking on our try it now button, you can download a working version good for 45 days. 

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Home version     Great for tracking       receipts     Insurance Policies   Wills     Taxes     Warranties    Bank Statements    Credit Card Bills     And  so many other things
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