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The Paperless Office Pro is a professional version of the regular Paperless Office, but designed with businesses in mind. It features a larger capacity for stored images, the ability to network the data and share it with other users, and a security feature.

Everyone knows that time is money when it comes to business, and paperless office can save time within the office in ways you probably haven't even considered. The day-to-day savings are obvious: scanning documents takes less time that it does to sort them in a filing cabinet, but retrieving them is light years faster.  If these documents are received in your computer ( such as email), you don't have to print them.  This saves both ink & toner.

What you might not have thought of, is the ability to access your files from anywhere. Using the Paperless Office in conjunction with a service such as, you can view documents anywhere you can get internet service. Another huge time saver most of us don't want to think about is when disaster strikes. Should you be the victim of a burglary, fire, or storm, and have your software and data properly backed up, you can have your documents back in no time at all. Not only is this a time saver, but in some cases, it could be the only way to get copies of those documents at all.
Product Price
**Paperless Office
1 User
Each Additional User               $50
Protect your files with Carbonite Online Backup
Pro version     Great for tracking      Tax Payments     Income Statements     Receipts     Insurance Policies      On line purchases (Ebay Amazon & others)       Taxes     Warranties    Bank Statements    Credit Card Bills     And  Documents that pertain to your business.
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The paperless office the best control for document Management
**Requires annual renewal  $200 for 2 users & $25 for each user over 2.
You can add credit card approval to the paperless office.  Find out how click here